Oil Burner Service Policy

Your annual check up, parts and labor, is included with this policy. Emergency service calls are also covered, including night/weekend service.

If you wish to have the coverage, or have any further questions please contact our office. Blue Flame Oil Co., Inc. reserves the right to inspect the heating equipment before a service policy is in effect.

We also offer central air conditioning repair, installation and service policies.

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Tank Protection Plan

A leaking oil tank can be a costly ordeal. However, tank protection can provide you with a new oil tank at a fraction of the cost.

This plan is available for vertical, above ground oil tanks that leak due to internal corrosion. The tank must be accessible. The plan is available to Blue Flame Oil Company oil customers who purchase their total fuel requirements from Blue Flame Oil.

We recommend tank protection for all of our customers. We reserve the right to inspect the
tank(s) before tank protection coverage is provided.

Please call our office if you are interested in obtaining coverage. The tank protection plans runs for one year and renews automatically each year unless cancelled by either party.

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Air Conditioning Service Plan

We offer a central air conditioner 10 point check up that includes:

1. Check Voltage and Amperage
2. Check Refrigerant Charge
3. Lubricate Moving Parts
4. Check and Adjust Belts
5. Check and Clean Electrical Contacts
6. Check Thermostat Operation
7. Check Air Temperature Across Evaporator

8. Check Condensate Drain
9. Check and Clean Condenser Coil
10. Check Capacitors

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