Blue Flame Oil was established in 1929. At its beginning the company had only one truck to deliver kerosene fuel. In those days deliveries were made by hand. Five gallon buckets were brought into customers homes to fill twenty five gallon reserve drums. The fuel was used to light up stove heaters generally located in the kitchen. At the time the company was located on Franklin Street.

During the Second World War, oil was rationed, and the US government created stamps that were given to families in order to get heating oil delivered. Without these stamps there was no possibility of being delivered, the period was called the oil shortage.

Little by little, the heating systems were modernized, and after the Second World War thru the late fifties, most homes were being equipped with oil furnaces. Number 2 fuel is the same fuel still in use today, which means that at the time the heating systems were basically working the same as nowadays.

In the fifties, Blue Flame Oil was exclusively a fuel oil delivery company. It was not until the early sixties that Blue Flame began the service branch of the company, thus creating a full service company. Currently Blue Flame Oil is owned and operated by Pat Somma. Providing Fuel Oil and Diesel fuel, heating and air conditioning service, new systems designed and installed, oil tank removal and installations.


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